Lake Nukabira in 2015 !

by Kazu

Going through the narrow road beside Lake Shikaribestu and going up and down the northern rim of the caldera around Lake Shikaribetsu, we reached the artificial lake made by building a dam.
 This bridge was made, not for the trail through the woods beside the lake but for the transportation of timber, I mean the train to carry the lumber.
Coming across the bridge made originally for the train, we went down the trail heading to the waterfront of the lake.
 It was a little bit to steep for walking around with sandals but the trail was maintained so nicely that we made it. The water level was too low in the lake but we could see the lake bed for the first time.

Mt. Lips and Lake Shikaribetsu !

by Kazu

Can you believe that the surface of this lake freezes up in winter and so-called "Ice Hotel" emerges on the lake ? It is so cool and amazing to soak your body in the hot spring bath on the frozen lake albeit it is so cold outside the hotel.
Due to the wind from the top of mountains, the reflection on the lake was not clear and the whole lips could not be seen on that day.
A well-established hotel "Fukuhara"run by an entrepreneur who also run many supermarkets in Hokkaido. This hotel has "Minerva Museum" in house. There is another hotel "Fuusui"on the lakeside. I used to stay in Fukuhara but I do not know the inside of the hotel "Fuusui"


To Lake Shikaribetsu !

by Kazu

It was a little bit foggy on the hillside to Lake Shikaribetsu. Tokachi Plain could not be seen clearly from the lookout on the hillside.
 The southern edge of the lake was frozen up even at the beginning of May.This small lake leads to the typical caldera lake Shikaribetsu.
Mt. Lips called "Kuchibiru Yama" in Japanese. The mountain is upper lip and with the reflection from the surface, the whole lips could be seen.
A foot-bath of hot spring was beside the pier on the lake.


"Kanno Onsen" Hot Spring Spa 10 !

by Kazu

Have you got the perspective of "Kanno Onsen" hot spring spa ? This is the last post of this accommodation this year.I was so relieved to see the refurbished hot spring spa of Kanno Onsen.
"Horoka Onsen" is also near the "Kanno Onsen" but the situation is so tough for females because in order to enjoy the outside bath, females have to go through the males' bath after taking off their clothes. The hotel kindly rend bath towels to females who want to soak their body  in the outside hot spring. They have to  so tough for females .                                                                                                                             


"Kanno Onsen " in the morning 2 !

by Kazu

I think these photos taken in the morning are clearer than those taken in the night.. The small hot spring waterfall seemed to contain iron and copper. The surface of the rocks seemed not to be remodeled. It was like as it had been.
 The strongest hot spring at the corner of the spa seems to contain ample iron, sulfur and something. It is very narrow but the effect of the hot spring water is excellent.
As you can see, this facility has a variety of hot spring bath in the annex building other than that in the main building of accommodation.
Fried egg called "Tamagoyaki" in Japanese, grilled salmon, fried carrot with burdock, fermented soy-beans, salty squid and Japanese "Oden" are the on the table for breakfast. Sweetened beans accompanies. So called "typical Japanese breakfast" it is.
On the hillside of the mountain, spruce trees were still dark green in May.


The entrance to the hidden hot spring " Kanno Onsen" !

by Kazu

Mt. Tomuraushi and other peaks of mountains surrounding the valley could be seen from the approach to "Kanno Onsen". The snow in the shade cooled down my body heated up by the energy given by the deities reigning the area.
Sorry for failing to post the gate of the hot spring spa. Until finding this gate, you may feel some kind of anxiety. You may be doubtful of the existence of this hot spring.
I really admire the person or the group that found this hot spring. Clouds of steam might have been seen over the valley. Thanks Deities, it's amazing healing place !
It was refurbished and reopened for the people !


"Kanno Onsen" In the morning !

by Kazu

I am so sorry for the blurry sight. As I posted a few days ago, each hot spring was named and was the namesake of the language of indigenous people of Hokkaqido, Ainu.
This bath tub was named "Unukarunoh" which means "See you again !" in Ainu Language.
It seems that I was so comfortable after jogging around the valley in the cold air and so was my camera, I think. All the photos were too blurred out. This is the biggest bathtub in the largest building in the facilities.


Jogging around "Kanno Onsen" !

 by Kazu

The air was so cool on the hillside and the approach to the hot spring was still decorated with white snow. I could feel the spruces were breathing and the refreshing aroma of them inspired me to step into the woods.
The road has many curves to make it easier for automobiles to climb the hillside. I think you can imagine the steel slope on the hillside.
This is not the ski course but for the works of forestry, some comparatively flat space could be found here and there beside the road.
 The highest peaks at the center of Hokkaido Island could be seen through the branched of spruce trees. It takes its toll to climb the mountain but may be rewarding considering the magnificent landscape from the peaks.


"Kanno Onsen" Hot Spring Spa 9 !

by Kazu

Above is the biggest bathtub and my feet. Before being remodeled, this building was like a ruin actually. I do not think that the bathtubs and the wall covered with calcium carbonate was not refurbished.
This facility is in the valley called "Shikaribetsu-kyou" where a variety of hot spring can be savored. Details are at  http://www.kanno-onsen.com/
https://www.facebook.com/kannoonsen but written only in English.


"Kanno Onsen" Hot Spring Span 8 !

by Kazu

This is the biggest bath room of "Kanno Onsen" hot spring bath located on the lowest floor in the annex building of the facility. Going down the narrow stair house, the biggest bath tub is behind the huge rock.
A small hot waterfall to massage the bodies of guests is beside the stair house. The wall was covered and decorated with calcium carbonate .
Can you believe that each bath tub is filled with different kind of hot spring water ? The smallest bath tub on the left-hand side has the strongest hot spring water.
The stair house and the hot spring water fall are laid out as shown on the left. The biggest bath tub in the biggest bathroom is shown below. The temperature and the effect of the hot spring water is addictive, to be honest.