What we had in the farm cafe !

by Kazu

A strawberry parfait and a cone of ice cream were the sweets we had at three o'clock on that day. Needless to say, the ice cream was made of the milk produced in the farm. They were so tasteful with the power of the land. It seemed that Tokachi area had ample power and momentum to produce quality foods and promote them.
This is the inside of the cafe. So many magazines that contained the articles on the farm cafe were stack on the table. The capacity of the cafe was not so much but due to the compact space, the atmosphere was so comfortable even for visitors.
I am not sure if the owner likes so-called "country western" music or not but the upstairs looked like a stage for playing music in country style.
Many people like to welcome guests with such cozy cottage, I think. The owner of the cafe and farm had enough space to raise livestock, companion animals, crops and veggies. What a nice life in the pastoral circumstances !

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