"Kanno Onsen " in the morning 2 !

by Kazu

I think these photos taken in the morning are clearer than those taken in the night.. The small hot spring waterfall seemed to contain iron and copper. The surface of the rocks seemed not to be remodeled. It was like as it had been.
 The strongest hot spring at the corner of the spa seems to contain ample iron, sulfur and something. It is very narrow but the effect of the hot spring water is excellent.
As you can see, this facility has a variety of hot spring bath in the annex building other than that in the main building of accommodation.
Fried egg called "Tamagoyaki" in Japanese, grilled salmon, fried carrot with burdock, fermented soy-beans, salty squid and Japanese "Oden" are the on the table for breakfast. Sweetened beans accompanies. So called "typical Japanese breakfast" it is.
On the hillside of the mountain, spruce trees were still dark green in May.

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