"Kanno Onsen" Hot Spring Spa 2 !

by Kazu

The smell of sulfur swept the area and the upper side of the hotel has a very small hot spring bath.
The lobby floor also has a wood-burning stove but there is no fence surrounding the stove.
So I am not sure if the stove will be in use in winter or not. The frame of the building made of ferro-concrete seemed to be reused even after refurbished.
But the interiors were extremely got better than before and the restaurant has a special equipment for the guests.  A coffee mill & maker that produces such nice a cup of coffee is on the counter table. The coffee mill & maker was made in Italy and costed 1,600 US dollar.    
Each guestroom has such a stove near the window but it seemed not to have been used yet. There was no wooden logs in the guestroom.

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