Before departure !

by Kazu

I was planning to spent all night on that day in bar-hopping area in Kushiro City but I had to excuse myself from the bar-hopping area than I had planned. Are these beautiful scenery might have been kept under wraps for the people from abroad ??
 A week of my attendance to the learning stay of the ladies  and excursion must have given the ladies the real perspectives of "Kushiro" City and the adjacent area.
The city has a sister cities relationship with New Orleans in the U.S.A.
The next day, I paid a courtesy visit to the souvenir shops in the mall near the hotel I stayed, where you can enjoy custom-made rice bowl topped with the very best of quality seafood landed on Kushiro Port.

 to be continued.

Good-bye Ladies !

by Kazu

I think I should make a decision on this blog site after keep the track of copy blog site of this in the cyber space.
I asked one of my reliable staff to take care of the ladies I had taken care of and treated to the feast almost every night as well as lunch time in Akkeshi Town and the adjacent area.
I was so relieved after having finished my mandate in Akkeshi Town and Kushiro City. Is this the third time to post the photos of the outside hot spring bath on top of Hotel La Vista ?  
I was terribly tired and felt some pain in some parts of my body. But this hot spring bath gave me the second wing to hopping around the hotel.
I hope the ladies have not and will not spill the beans and put their steadies on hold with regard to sharing happy time in Hokkaido.
I fell into the deep sleep after recognizing my sight getting vague
like the left photo.

Next morning, needless to say, I got up early in the morning to jog around the hotel again and passed by the souvenir shop center named "MOO".


After the excursion with ladies !

by Kazu

Have I posted these photos before ? After dropping off the ladies at Neipal Akkeshi in Akkeshi Town, I sat back, indulged in soaking in the hot spring bath  and had a nap in the hotel. What I found next was the lighting of bar-hopping area in Kushiro City.    
In La Vista Hotel in Kushiro and other are, you can have complimentary ramen noodle soup from 21:00 to 22:30 in the evening. But I missed the compliment in the evening. As I was so looking forward to the complimentary ramen noodle soup, I strolled around the hotel searching for ramen noodle soup at midnight.
The quality salt-based flavor of the ramen noodle soup provided in the ramen restaurant opened at midnight in the bar-hopping area of Kushiro City impressed me so much.
I was the only one guest in the restaurant. at midnight on that day.
The owner chef and his wife was wrapping up to close the restaurant. I might be the last guest in that night. There were very few ramen restaurant available at midnight in Kushiro City. Please check out the ramen restaurant available even at midnight before visiting Kushiro City ;)


Lake Kussharo 3 ! Wakoto Peninsula !

by Kazu

This is the hot spring bath in Wakoto Peninsula in Lake Kussharo under the sky. I recommended the ladies to bring swimming gears to fully enjoy all the hot spring bath in the eastern Hokkaido but we did not have enough time on that day.
 People living near the lake visit the bath under the sky almost every night and some of them use soap and shampoo, unfortunately.
The ladies enjoyed the hot spring with just their feet but the smell of the hot water, water weed in the hot pool and the quality of the healing ingredients were so impressive for them.    
The end of the excursion was just in front of us. What were they thinking of our the week we had spent and share ? I am not sure at this moment but don't you think their backs were telling something ?


Got! talk-hokkaido, have you visit ?

 by Kazu

I am not sure if I should stop this blog site because something like "Got ! talk-hokkaido" copies each articles and photos of ours.
What do you think about it ?
  If we continued to post the photos with articles on our island Hokkaido where we were born, some cheaters would get something without struggling with collecting nice photos with articles and get something.    
If you had something to say on this matter, please give us your feed back shooting us your E-mail.I
I do not think that copy cats would not be able to survive nor exist but the states of copy-cat are still exist albeit every country hates the arrogant and red-neck PR given by the abrasive ????? ;)
Besides, the scenery and the hot spring bath was too nice to contemplate the relationships between the gay and male like certain countries.


Lake Kussharo 2 !

by Kazu

This is inside of the souvenir shop on the beach of Lake Kussharo, Sunayu area. You can drink the hot spring water led to the inside of the souvenir shop.
One of the ladies tried the hot spring water and she seemed to feel the taste of iron.

Like Nessie of Loch Ness, some people believe in Kussie in Lake Kussharo. This is the stuffed Kussie for taking photos.
Some photos of Kussie were taken albeit I am not sure they were the real or not. You can enjoy scuba diving in this lake but so far, no diver found even the shade of the creature;)
We headed to the lake side hot spring pool on Wakoto Peninsula.


Lake Mashu- Sunayu on the coast Lake Kussharo !

by Kazu

Above is the photo of small hot spring near the eruption hole on the hillside of Sulfur Mountain. When I was a kid, eggs were boiled in these small pool. No boiled eggs could not be seen at that time.
We visited Sunayu area of Lake Kussharo. If you dig the beach,you can easily make up your private hot spring bath just for you.
Kids were digging the beach of the lake to make the hot spring pool. Swimming in the lake and warming up their body in the hot spring pool they made, kids seemed not to know stopping their play.  
Almost every year, I enjoyed camping with my better-half until a few years ago but she is so busy now that we can not do that. I drank too  much  every time we camped. I am wondering if we will be able to enjoy sleeping in the sound of the wave and chorus of the insects this year. As we have never be bitten by mosquitoes in this camp site, I give full marks to to the spot.


Sulfur Mountain near Lake Kussharo 2 !

 by Kazu

The area had been off-limits by the former Japanese army because the sulfur was used to produce gunpowder.
I am not sure the logistics on this matter but actually the railway had been available for shipping before.
Boiled eggs were made for the tourists in the small pool around the hole of eruption but we could not find them.
Crystallized yellow sulfur made small cones on the hillside of the mountain.
 To much inhaling the gas might damage our nerves, so some of the eruption hole was off-limits. The ladies gave me a present thanking for my attendance and treating them to the feast sourced locally.
I appreciate !


Sulfur Mountain near Lake Kusharo !

by Kazu

We left the second lookout of Lake Mashu and headed to the direction of rotten egg.
Yes, we visited the foot of Sulfur Mountain. Because of the sulfur gas and the temperature on the ground, the area is barren and covered with ash.  
 On a day-off after a week of settling in and research, the ladies were so relaxed. They kicked back in the car and enjoy the talks on each spot we dropped by.  
Sorry for my finger in the frame.
The sulfur gas crystallized in yellow around the hole of eruption.
One of the ladies with tact was disappearing with the white smoke of sulfur gas in the frame as if I was dreaming.