Blue Pond in Biei Town !

by Tacky

There is a pond called "Blue Pond" near the Shirogane Hot Spring in Biei Town.
 The is an artificial pond because the water from the river was collected on an installed levee/embankment as a disaster prevention measure along the river.
 The surface of this pond is beautiful blue. An ingredient of the groundwater which has begun to spring from the neighborhood mixes with water from river, and it's said that this becomes blue.
 The trees which were growing naturally in the neighborhood are submerged just as they were, and they withered because the pond emerged accidentally.
 The fantastic view of the withered trees in the blue water had been famous by word-of-mouth, particularly in the community of cameraman.
 But, once Apple's Inc. adopted the picture of the blue pond as wallpaper of an in-house product, the pond got much more famous by leaps and bounds.
 Popularity rises as a sightseeing spot in recent years, and a parking lot was also installed in the neighborhood.
 Something of the place attracts people. Actually it is so beautiful landscape like an illusion. But,  I feel like having strayed into some sad different worlds while seeing the scenery.
 A night lighting up in a pond has begun in December, 2014.
 That makes a vivid contrast of black and white stand out, and give the pond more deserted atmosphere.
 A lot of cameramen have come to the blue pond to take photos every day. But without the appropriate equipment and technology of a skilled cameraman, it's quite difficult to reproduce the beautiful blue of the water with a picture.
 Reproducing the beautiful blue in the night was so difficult for me with my photography technology, in particular.
 Therefore I would like to introduce the link destination to a home page of "Mr. Kent Shiraishi" where the picture Apple adopted was posted.
 The beautiful scenery of the blue pond is caught by wonderful photography technology of Mr. Kent Shiraishi excellently.
   A blog site of Mr. Kent Shiraishi is introduced below.
 It describes his delight and surprise when the picture was adopted by Apple Inc.for the first time in Japan, obediently. The blog site is written in Japanese, so please check it out using translation software.


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