Leaving Cape Kiritappu !

by Kazu

I am convinced that the ladies were so satisfied with the scenery that they had never seen before as well as the car I rented, NISSAN JUKE.
 Actually, it did good job with me. No violation of the traffic code and accident occurred. Thanks God, it was so nice excursion under the sunshine.
We were heading to Lake Mashu through the typical straight road in eastern Hokkaido. I love this fine view while driving in Hokkaido.
 The ladies were savoring the buena vista and talking beside me. I have no kids so it was so interesting to listen to their conversation.
Have you ever heard on the superstition that if you could see the blue Lake Mashu clearly, the time you get married would delay ?
Fortunately, the ladies were able to see so beautiful landscape of Lake Mashu. But, based on the superstition, when will they get married in the future ?

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