Fishermen's Ships in the port city Kushiro !

by Kazu

Fishermen seemed to have gone to bars for chug-a-lug of beer and other booze after their work on the ocean. LED light bulbs on the bars for fishing were folded like wings of a bird.   
Every time I saw the ships, I was moved by the beauty of the function to cut into the wave of the ocean. Fishermen were working at the risk of their lives. 
If I was assigned to this area, I would jog around the river in the morning and evening everyday. It was so comfortable to jog around the waterfront on haling the wind from the ocean.  
I could not find joggers like me on the waterfront. Residential area might be away from there.
This is the back side of Hotel La Vista in Kushiro. Can you find the footbath at the foot of the hotel ? Bar hopping area of the city is also near the hotel. 
The power of sunshine started to kick out the mist brought by the river.
Culinary delights sourced locally could be savored in this facility named "Moo". Souvenir shops sold quality seafood and products made from the resources from the land and the ocean. 
Commuters used buses or their own cars. Traffic jam did not seem to have started but if it did, not so hard. Would you like to live in the port city ? One of the most famous and popular hot spring resort area "Akan" is not so distanced from the city.
Besides, please check out the movie film of kelp-cutting and -packing at    

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