Lake Mashu- Sunayu on the coast Lake Kussharo !

by Kazu

Above is the photo of small hot spring near the eruption hole on the hillside of Sulfur Mountain. When I was a kid, eggs were boiled in these small pool. No boiled eggs could not be seen at that time.
We visited Sunayu area of Lake Kussharo. If you dig the beach,you can easily make up your private hot spring bath just for you.
Kids were digging the beach of the lake to make the hot spring pool. Swimming in the lake and warming up their body in the hot spring pool they made, kids seemed not to know stopping their play.  
Almost every year, I enjoyed camping with my better-half until a few years ago but she is so busy now that we can not do that. I drank too  much  every time we camped. I am wondering if we will be able to enjoy sleeping in the sound of the wave and chorus of the insects this year. As we have never be bitten by mosquitoes in this camp site, I give full marks to to the spot.

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