Three Sixty from the Lookout "Biwase" 2 !

by Kazu

The Pacific Ocean was shining and play up the beauty of the ladies. The black car between the ocean and us was what I rented for the ladies. It was NISSAN JUKE.
 The hills were covered with the bamboo grass that showed the rout of the winds. We had to go around the wide area in the eastern part of Hokkaido but I was convinced that we were be able to stay for a while enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Without words, they could share the magnificent scenery on our island Hokkaido.
I hope they will share the memory and be able to enjoy as beautiful scenery as they did this time, or more beautiful one when they visit Hokkaido again.
So many movie films used this area and the adjacent area on the coast for shooting. Affected by the cold current from the north, foggy days continue in summer but if it is fine, you can see the fine view of the beautiful coastline.

To be continued.

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