Good-bye Ladies !

by Kazu

I think I should make a decision on this blog site after keep the track of copy blog site of this in the cyber space.
I asked one of my reliable staff to take care of the ladies I had taken care of and treated to the feast almost every night as well as lunch time in Akkeshi Town and the adjacent area.
I was so relieved after having finished my mandate in Akkeshi Town and Kushiro City. Is this the third time to post the photos of the outside hot spring bath on top of Hotel La Vista ?  
I was terribly tired and felt some pain in some parts of my body. But this hot spring bath gave me the second wing to hopping around the hotel.
I hope the ladies have not and will not spill the beans and put their steadies on hold with regard to sharing happy time in Hokkaido.
I fell into the deep sleep after recognizing my sight getting vague
like the left photo.

Next morning, needless to say, I got up early in the morning to jog around the hotel again and passed by the souvenir shop center named "MOO".

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