On This Blue Planet ! Cape Kiritappu !

by Kazu

We were heading from the lookout on Cape Azachi to Cape Kiritappu. Precisely speaking, it can besaid that the two capes made up an island of the same name "Kiritappu"..
 This small island is called "Kojima" that means small island in Japanese like that of Akkeshi Town.
I led them like a scout or tour conductor and the ladies were following me.
We went up the stairs and stood on the stage to take photos. You would be able to be satisfied with your works of photo when you stood there.
 What do you think of this angle ? These are not the photos of Maui or Oahu in Hawaii. The water must be much colder than that around Hawaii but the blue ocean draw the people from other part on this planet.
We are breathing, eating, living, enjoying, loving on this island but at the same time, some are killing, cheating, robbing, mugging, stealing to live or for self-satisfaction. Forget it ! I am wondering if the people of arrogance and malice would be washed up with this blue and beauty or not.  

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