The stage of "Marnie in the memory" !

by Kazu

Seeking for the broader cooperation of tourism in wider area around Akkeshi Town,  I took the ladies around the focal point of tourism that contained abundant local resources on Sunday.
If you saw the animation movie film "Marnie in the memory " produced by the Studio Jiburi founded by Hayao MIYAZAKI, you found the similar scenery in the animation film.
The staff members of Studio Jiburi were inspired by this beautiful scenery of "Mochirippu Pond" and made up so nice animation film. The railway station in the movie film was almost same as that of Akkeshi Town.
It was a pity that there was no occidental mansion like the one in the movie but the scenery in the movie was very similar to the real in Mochirippu area.

Some salmons came back to this pond to give birth to next generation.
I had not seen the animation movie film at that moment and neither had the ladies but they caught the information on the movie and the place and requested me to take them to the pond.
Based on their request, I arranged the tour in the eastern part of Hokkaido. I hope they were so satisfied with the exploration to the area.

To be continued.

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