It's time to go back !

by Kazu

It seemed that it was easy to go up the hill from the only one flat area of the island.
The ladies must have learned a lot on the sad history of our nations. NEVER DO AGAIN the death parade like lemmings but do protect the vulnerable citizens.
A CERTAIN COUNTRY  conquered our land and drilled a hole on each hand of our predecessors and put the ropes through the holes of hands to tie them up for making human defense line to protect their ships against Japanese defense forces.
Such cruel arrogant country must do the same again in other way if it developed more without learning the common rule of international stage.
As the army of our nation did the similar thing allegedly, the cheeky spokesperson of a certain nation would tell the reasons why the nation was allowed to do the genocide if they carried out what the central government did to the farmers in rural area of that country.
The army of the nation killed thousands of their people who stood up for their families without contemplation, actually.
I think the nation that damage this globe most should bow out from the scene of the international stage naturally albeit the countries had done the most before still exists on the globe.
Such beautiful scenery and the small happy lives of diligent people can be easily turned to the field of blood. The nation that is propagating its territory is so dangerous because a few people rule the vast country ignoring the opinions of the citizens.
Besides, whose head is this ?

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