It had been the base of Japanese Maritime Force !

by Kazu

So sad story of our nation could be seen on the island " Daikoku-jima". It should be exhibited to our nation to learn the deadly expensive lesson, I think..
I could not find appropriate point to land the island but the approach trail to the lighthouse could be seen on the cliff.
Considering the small island called "Kojima" we stayed had carved by the wave and wind of the ocean and got smaller quickly, this island " Daikoku-jima" might be easy to dig tunnels.
This is where a community had been until decades ago. The ruins of houses and market could be seen from the boat.
Approximately more than thirty people had been living near the sea level on the island. I do not know if there had been "Oh-Tsunami" around the area but the evacuation route and place must be built on such small island.
I was convinced of the necessity to arrange the study tour around the island for the youngsters of our nation.
Our nation may be too vulnerable to the egoistic arrogant but not sophisticated countries on this globe;) They must be liars and so might be some top dogs of our nation.