The Gustatory Terminal "Conchiglie" in Akkeshi Town !

by Kazu

One of the top runners of branding in Hokkaido is "Conchiglie in Akkeshi Town. Needless to say, the ladies had to pay a courtesy call to the president of the terminal, Mr. Kato who looked like a real go-getter.

He never gave up in his business and promoting Akkeshi Town. He called the shot to maximize the exposure. His strategy sounded so nice and equivalent to ours. How could I say ? Yes, he was indomitable, unyielding.  
I was not sure the ladies would be able to outstrip Mr. Kato in branding strategy but expected some kinds of chemical reaction.
 This lunch set was one of the best sellers in the restaurant run by Mr. Kato. Conchiglie had three restaurants in its building.
This oyster doria set was so nice to have. It was the marriage of the milk on the land and the ocean.
Please check out the details at http://www.conchiglie.net/
Believe me ! It was worthwhile !

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