Suzuki Ryokan in Akkeshin Town !

by Kazu

After finished all the program on the Day 2, we came back to the accommodation Naipal Akkeshi and found the herd of deer on the lawn surrounding the building.
Unfortunately, I could not book myself in the same accommodation.
So I stayed in the traditional Japanese inn "Suzuki Ryokan " in Akkeshi Town. It costs 6,000 Japanese yen per night and enabled me to savor these dishes for dinner.
Fried oyster, steamed oyster and grilled brand-name "Daikoku Samma" that means pacific saury were the "must" to have in the inn.
 These were what you saw in the labo of the Shouyou High School. Grilled Japanese conchs were flavored with soy sauce.
Sushi-grade squid and Pacific saury were also served with green horse radish and radish sprout.
The outlook of the inn is at
 Grilled Japanese conch fit to a T with beer and Japanese sake. I did not have to take care of the ladies in the night. So I kicked back and relaxed so much but I had to pack up my luggage for two night-stay on the isolated island called "Kojima".

To be continued.

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