Service Shots !

by Kazu

It might be tough even for the ladies who had got used to being taken photos, to keep their eating pose for minutes in "A-Uroko" Marche Frais run by Fishermen's Association in Akkeshi Town.
But as the service shot for the association that gave them compliment steamed oysters, their posing might be a natural and reasonable response to be shown.
After leaving "A-Uroko" Marche Frais in Akkeshi Town, we had to adjust the schedule of Day  2 in Akkeshi Town. So we dropped by a organic confectionery shop in the outskirt of Akkeshi !  
It was so nice to have a break to settle down gradually in the town and to savor the ice cream made from the tasty milk sourced locally.
Moritaka Ranch run this ice cream shop on the west side of the town.
Please show the name and address
日本 北海道厚岸郡厚岸町宮園1丁目375
 and some kind citizens will take you to the shop where tasty cheese could be also purchased.

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