Condolences to the friends !

by Kazu

This scenery could not be seen without the hard work of the ladies and the hospitality shown by Mr. Ishizaki. Namely, we were so lucky to see this hidden landscape because there was no sightseeing cruising around this island "Daikoku-jima".
Just the fishermen explore this area to pick up a variety of kelp and other kinds of the bless of the deity like Poseidon.
I hope the cruising tour will be well-arranged by the local entities and one of the most lucrative draw of Akkeshi Town.
It was too beautiful to tell about the tragedy around this area.
What do you think Mr. Ishizaki was gazing at ?
I think the people of ocean and the maritime forces know about this pose. A friend of Mr. Ishizaki fell from his boat and passed away. Mr. Ishizaki took the body of his best friend to Sapporo City for forensic medicine and that wore him down. He experienced stroke after his tough days, unfortunately.
Yes, he was extending his sincere condolences and friendship. I was not sure what he remembered.

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