"Ikoi-no Mura" in Niseko !

 by Yukio Ebisu

This is a fantabulous room in Niseko Hotel "Ikoi-no-Mura" which means "the Village of Comfort" in Japanese. The price is so reasonable in spite of the luxurious contents , interiors and design. Would you try it ? If you would like to make a reservation via me, something nice may accompany with your stay;)
The details are at http://www.niseko-ikoi.com/
in Japanese and at
in English.

 On the other hand, Niseko Village on the eastern hillside called "Higashiyama", the old and tasteful appearance and atmosphere are expressed with the building and exteriors  as well as the interiors. Among of all, "Taishou Glass Museum" is equipped with the signs of information on the merchandise written in English. I feel the current stream and necessity to welcome the guests from overseas with kind hospitality.

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