We finished all the experiencing program on the small island !

by Kazu

We were so satisfied with the result of the tough work to dry, collect, cut and pack the top-quality kelp the would be shipped to the ancient capital city Kyoto, Osaka and current capital Tokyo.
 The slime of the kelp stuck to our working wear smelled. We had to dispose the grab after the work every day.
Our mentor Mr. Ishizaki barely showed the change of his countenances even if the beautiful ladies requested  the photo opportunity, like this.
 Can you find the difference of the countenances of Mr. Ishizaki on these photos ?
After the talk and sharing tough work  with him, I felt a little bit difference in his face.
I was working hard even while the ladies were romping with the dog named "Kinako" and after completed my mandate on the small island, I took these photos without having a break.
But taking these photos and seeing their smiles pleased me so much.
 Yes, we finished all the program on the island at that moment. they seemed so relieved and worn out. I was convinced that I should treat them to other kinds of feast and pleasure during their stay in Hokkaido.

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