Cutting and packing kelp !

by Kazu

The bunches of kelp should be compiled on the guide and cut with a small saw.
The part near the root of kelp was ranked in the superior grade and the other end was ranked in the so-so grade.
Only a few bunches wee left on the beach.  The end of the tough work could be seen at that moment.
Mr. Ishizaki, our mentor showed us the top grade "Oni Konbu" that meant "Ogre Kelp" in Japanese and  could not be merchandised because it was so difficult to treat due to the size and the flare.
 The taste was so nicer than othe kinds of kelp dried on the beach. That was the privilege only the kelp-picker and their family can savor.
I was sill working but the ladies seemed to be running out of the power:) and tasting the kelp they dried.  

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