It was the time to "Rock'n Roll" !

by Kazu

What do you think the packages on the photo above were  ? Some of them were packed in the IKEA bags for easy lugging around.
One of the ladies were showing her readiness and high expectation to the mission with the pose.
Yes, we jumped in the fisherman's boat with the luggage and headed to the small island offshore of Akkeshi Town to help one of the kelp-pickers who stayed on the island from June to October just for the fishery.
Mr. Ishizuka was the fisherman who provided us with bathing and lecture with good exercise of drying kelp.
The civil clerks of Akkeshi Town kindly gave us a ride and supports to ship the luggage for three day stay on the island.
Two of them Mr. Yoshida and Ms. Sato kindly fully attended to our pilgrimage in the town and they also learned on their town themselves in the attending, I think.
Mr. Ishizauka talked almost nothing on the boat. He was typical shy but authentic Japanese fisherman. He kindly receive us in spite of his hard work everyday.
The island we would stay could be seen from the boat but that was much smaller than we had expected.
To be continued.

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