At four thirty in the morning before the race !

by Kazu

It was so calm early in the morning
on "Kojima island. Seagulls gave us the sign of the start to fight. The flat surface of the beach filled with small round stones should not be ravaged by my jogging around because it was just for drying kelp.
Then, the PA system broke out and announced that the kelp-picking should be started at five thirty. Yes, the picking time was limited and that was the agreemment in the Fisherman's Association of Akkeshi Town.
Can you find the trace of the flattened surface ? I had to walk on the surface so calmly and carefully.
This is the females side of our accommodations. They seemed to be still sleeping.
At four forty-five.
 At five.
White boats were beginning to set up on the start line on the sea for the race to get the best point to pick up the best quality kelp near "Kojima Island " !

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