At the end of the day !

by Kazu

This was the end of the first day on the small island "Kojima". Turning off the fire of the grill, we calmly gazed at the setting sun that brightened up the exciting day on the beach.
The next day would be started with the hard work to carry and dry the kelp.
As I described before, there was no curtains on the window. This is my room side.
The room was just for one person and was cluttered with foods for emergency and drinks for me.
 Some dead insects were under the window but I did not care. I cleaned up the room before BBQ outside.
I made sure that we could use the bathroom in Mr. Ishizaki's house before going to bed.

Then the hard day started early in the morning at around four thirty. I jogged around the beach but the island was so small to explore. Daikoku Island could be seen clearly and seemed like floating in the air.  

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