What we have in Sapporo City in Autumn !

by Kazu

If I should pre-announce the beautiful events to be held and occur in Hokkaido beforehand, I should post now the autumnal beautiful foliage on the premises of Hokkaido University in autumn.
The high time of the beautiful autumnal foliage and culinary delicacies sourced locally varies every year but they including the citizens of Hokkaido Island to make the most of their private relationship with other areas of different I thought the gradation    


Golden Ginkgo Biloba in Hokkaido University !

 by Kazu

I am contemplating on the function of this site but I forgotif I posted these photos before or not. Should I post introduce a variety of events and the beautiful scenery beforehand or afterward.
I may have to introduce happy events both beforehand and afterward to reach the goal I set when my wife established this blog site.
Please do not miss the timing to visit the premises of Hokkaido University to savor this scenery of the golden autumnal foliage in October.
 Lighting up the autumnal beautiful foliage have drawn much more visitors than before and the residents around the premises, including my wife and me, appreciate the lighting service so much.


On top of Asarigawa Dam 3 !

by Kazu

Not so many tourists were on top of the dam in Asarigawa area of Otaru City on that day.but the traffic on the loop bridge that connects Asarigawa area and Jozankei area of Sapporo City was heavier than expected.  
Some Taiwanese tourists were walking and enjoying the autumnal scenery of Asarigawa Area.
Plenty of fresh water was falling down on the surface of the dam. I really admire and pay respect to the technology developed by human beings when I am allured by such huge constructions.


On top of Asarigawa Dam 2 !

 by Kazu

It was getting foggy around the dam in Asarigawa area on that day. The beautiful autumnal foliage was getting drab and the surface of the artificial lake made by the dam was getting dark.
This building is the dam control center at the east end of the dam. The workers of the facility have to live near the dam and the unwritten rules should be applied to the rural area.
So some staffers of such dam control facilities in Hokkaido have to live far away from the center part of the town. But they can savor enough the four seasons in their area than the tourists.


On top of Asarigawa Dam !

by Kazu

This is the scenery from the lookout on the top of Asarigawa Dam. The blue ocean could not be seen on that day but it might be good for the beauty of the autumnal foliage.
 The peaks of the mountains around the area could not be seen neither and the bright color of the foliage seemed drab under the gray sky.
The rainfall gave an enough stock of water and moist to the leaves and creatures. We will be able to see the green leaves of the trees like flares soon.


Asarigawa Onsen in autumn !

by Kazu

Sometimes I visit this area to jog around and soak my body in the hot spring bath in the small spa where I visited with my wife and late father.
 It was raining a little bit but the autumnal foliage was so nice and bright on that day. The beautiful curve of the loop bridge made so nice contrast with the color of the foliage.
I went up the loop bridge to the top of the dam of Asarigawa that contained tons of water for the people of Otaru City. Four seasons can be savored enough in and near Sapporo City where we live.


What they used !

by Kazu

These are what the founder's family used in their lives and brewing. So many items may bring so many memories to the family.
 It may so difficult for the family to throw away these items with the memories. I also thought that it was so difficult to clean up the space so frequently albeit the founder's wife liked to keep the things shipshape.


The museum of the brewery !

by Kazu

I am not sure how much they are but each item show the taste of the founder and his family enough. The made so nice atmosphere in the cafe.  
 This is the backyard of the brewery and the warehouse. The workers of the brewery move around this area and are so busy to carry the materials of sake.


The courtyard of the founder's house !

by Kazu

A typical stone lamp stand could be seen from the window of the cafe. Well-trimmed trees and aged stones wearing moss played up the beauty of the garden.
 These are the the original souvenirs sold in the cafe. So many people worked so hard to remodel the founder's house and built this cafe.
Without the cooperation brought by the people who love the Japanese sake brewed in the brewery as well as the kind and nice staffers of the company, such comfy space could not be made in Kuriyama Town.


Welcome to the founder's house of the brewery 2 !

 by Kazu

The wild guests to the garden of the founder's house were shown on the photos. Squirrels, pheasant and other guests seemed to have visit there.
This is the isle from the entrance of the cafe in the founder's house. Private tours in the house where a variety of treasures are displayed.
The utensils and furniture that were used by the founder's family were displayed in the house. They were used and loved for a long time.


Welcome to the founders house of the brewery !

by Kazu

The history of the Japanese sake brewery Kobayashi Shuzou was described on the menu with some photos taken years ago.
The original building of the brewery and the warehouses could be seen on the monochrome photos on the menu. The firefighters' performance on top of the ladder at the beginning of the year was also shown on the photo on the right.
The process to make Japanese sake in the brewery was also shown on the photos. The original souvenirs of the cafe were shown on the menu and as they were posted after the history of the brewery, the background of each item can be assumed, sipping coffee in the cafe.