Arriving in the previous capital of Hokkaido Island !

by Kazu

Kamome Island could be seen clearly from the seaside road to Esashi Town in Hiyama Sub-Prefectural area of Hokkaido. I had lived there for three years and half until March of 1994.
Previous national route of the town was remodeled and revitalized. The road was expanded but the old historic wooden houses were preserved.
Precisely speaking, these old houses were moved from the coast to landfill and build the new national road. They were dissolved and each part was numbered precisely, moved to the upper side and rebuild.


Drive from Hakodate to Esashi !

 by Kazu

I dropped off my wife at the venue of their Japanese traditional tea ceremony in which all the tea party masters got together and exchange information to run their tea schools.
 I headed to Esashi the oldest town in Hokkaido Island. The off shore of Esashi Town had been colored white with the sperm of herrings many years ago but now, such scenery can not be seen.
Compared to the skyline of the central part of Hokkaido Island, that of the Oshima Peninsula is not so steep and mild. The flora is like that of the mainland of Japan.


Hakodate Motomach Park 3!

by Kazu

Living around such beautiful park from where ships going in and out of the port can be seen must be so nice for me. The gardening design of the park is so impressive.
The designer of this garden must have contemplated the timing of the flowers and blossoms blooming, I think. That gives the citizens and tourists a kind of happiness.
 Then we reached the former building of the branch office of Hokkaido Prefectural Government. As you may know, Hakodate City was the last battle field of Meiji Administration and Edo Administration.


Public Hall in "Hakodate District" !

by Kazu

I am back from Hawaii that Hokkaido will establish a friendship affiliation coming May. Sorry for failing to update the information of Hokkaido because of the Internet inconvenience.
So, I continue to tell about Hakodate City again.
The building of former Public Hall in "Hakodate District" was refurbished a few years ago and regained the original beauty. Various kinds of meeting and parties were held in this building before.
A variety of plants with flowers play up the protagonist of the park. Easily, you can imagine the building in full flourish at the beginning of Meiji Era. Cherry trees were also planted in the park and play an important role in the park.
They give so nice feeling to the citizens of Hakodate City and the tourists from the other part on this globe. This park is colored with so many kinds of flowers in spring, summer and beautiful foliage in autumn. I would so happy if the tourists from other countries could appreciate the beauty and share the feeling in our heart.


Hakodate Motomachi Park 2 !

by Kazu

The photo of bronze statues I posted yesterday shows the founder of the port city. The figures are  described as the four kings of the city. The planning of this park might be arranged under the order of such top dogs.
I can not believe the beauty of the colors of azalea flowers every year and wondering how the plants make up the vivid colors of flowers without metal substances.
This is the building of former public hall in "Hakodate District". The colonial symmetric design and the layout of pillars and the structure shows that the architectures were eager to introduce the occidental taste and technologies.  


Hakodate Motomachi Park !

by Kazu

Above is the information center in Motomachi Park of Hakodate City. This park is on the hillside of Mt. Hakodate. So beautiful flowers of azalea decorate the park every year.
I run up to the building of former public hall of Hakodate district on the upper side of the park every time I visit the port city. It is a turning point of my jogging in the bay area.  
This is the inside of the information center in the park. A variety of guidebooks are displayed on the shelves. The founders of the town are introduced as the bronze sculptures.


Port City Hakodate 6 !

by Kazu

Above is the seafood wholesale market in the bay area of Hakodate City. Near the market, there are so many warehouse made of red bricks. Canals were used for loading before.
This is the road beside the bay to the hillside of Mt.Hakodate. Very nice and cozy houses are on the hillside. They must be the good place to live.
Jogging around the old bay area with the wind from the ocean is so comfortable in Hakodate City. Watching the ships going in and out of the bay, would you enjoy jogging in the wind ?


Uptown of Hakodate City !

by  Kazu

Crawling up this slope to the hillside of Mt. Hakodate may be a little bit tough for seniors and even for youngsters who don't like exercise.
But I think that jogging up to the old uptown area of the port city is worth while and rewarding. The atmosphere is peculiar to the historic city and high end residential area.
This old wooden residence was owned by the Somas and open to the visitors and citizens. Everybody can inhale the air inside the wooden residence and imagine the area when the residence had been used as an actual house for the Somas.


Jogging around the bay area of Hakodate 2016 !

by Kazu

It can be said that this is my regular course for jogging in Hakodate City early in the morning. I love the aroma of the ocean.
 I believe that you also love the scenery and jogging around this area. Feeling the smell of the wind from the ocean, you will feel yourself free in this city.
From the bay area, I went up to the uptown area  on the hillside of Mt. Hakodate and looked back the bay. This slope leads to one of the big draws for tourists. What do you think the attractive place on the hillside is ?


Port City Hakodate 5 !

by Kazu

The name of the morning eatery is "Kikuyo Shokudoh". Grilled seafood and a variety of rice-bowls topped with top-quality seafood are the big draw of the eatery and the district.
The marche is near Hakodate Bay. Easily, you can reach the pier and the port from the old bay area.. The winds from the ocean refreshed us so much.
 I went to the bay area with my wife again in that morning . Various kinds of artistic objects were there and so nice winds inspired us, I think.. I would like you to check up the buildings and objects on the photos on the spot.