Public Hall in "Hakodate District" !

by Kazu

I am back from Hawaii that Hokkaido will establish a friendship affiliation coming May. Sorry for failing to update the information of Hokkaido because of the Internet inconvenience.
So, I continue to tell about Hakodate City again.
The building of former Public Hall in "Hakodate District" was refurbished a few years ago and regained the original beauty. Various kinds of meeting and parties were held in this building before.
A variety of plants with flowers play up the protagonist of the park. Easily, you can imagine the building in full flourish at the beginning of Meiji Era. Cherry trees were also planted in the park and play an important role in the park.
They give so nice feeling to the citizens of Hakodate City and the tourists from the other part on this globe. This park is colored with so many kinds of flowers in spring, summer and beautiful foliage in autumn. I would so happy if the tourists from other countries could appreciate the beauty and share the feeling in our heart.

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