King Prajadhipok's Institute Visit Hokkaido 2 !

by Kazu

The delegation head Secretary General of the Institute Prof.Woothisarn Tanchai and other members seemed to be satisfied with the lecture provided by Mr. Takayuki Imamura, Deputy Director for Educational Policy Planning and Cooerdination.

Mr. Imamura is the top gun of Hokkaido Board of Education, I am coninced. He kindly arranged the private tour to the grade school in Chitose City for the delegation ad attended to them. I really appreciate his kindness, ability, consideration and cooperation.
The delegation members could enter the classrooms during the teachers were teaching pretty kids. The delegation members saw a varety of classes and talked with kids. The kids were also happy and stimulated.


King Prajadhipok's Institute Visited Hokkaido !

by Kazu

A delegation of King Prajadhipok's Institute visited Hokkaido to learn and research on the educational system of Japan. Particularly the equality of chances to learn and the official support provided by the central and prefectural government in Japan.

The delegation was headed by Secretary General of the Institute Prof.Woothisarn Tanchai.  He brought a silver saucer as a memento of their visit to Sapporo.
He also handed a pen made in Germany to the speaker of the lecture on education in Japan. The delegation members asked many questions actively in the session.We were so impressed by the eagerness of the delegation on that day.


Top Three of Singapore !

by Kazu

  The top three of the Japanese Language Speech Competition held in Singapore visited Hokkaido ad paid a courtesy call on me. They are high school students who seek for the career as a plastic surgeon, an international player and a teahcer. They speak Japanese fluently. Tokachi Singapore Society supported them to visit Hokkaido including Obihiro and Sapporo.
  On their way to Sappor from Obihiro, the train hit deer and delayed. They experienced deep Hokkaido life.
  I recommended them to make the most of th capacity of their stomach and savor enough th culinary delights sourced locally in Hokkaido as much as they could.

  I really appreciate their efforts exerted to learn Japanese language and deliver the culture of Japan including Hokkaido.


Lunch in Chiang Mai !

by Kazu

After being struck by  many huge wooden objects shaped like pennisses, we entered the restaurant named "Lanna Rice Barn". Lanna is the name of the Dynasty flourshed in Chiang Mai area long time ago.Old barns were refurbised and used as a restaurant.  
Praying for flourishing of the dynasty, many wooden objects shaped like pennisses were displayed near the entrance and courtyard. Old barns seemed to be creating very nice atmosphere in which we can sit back and relax.
To avoid mice's attack to the rice stock, the floor of the barns were so high. Mice busters were set on the pillar under the floor. Old building was made the most of in Chiang Mai.


Temple of Elephant !

by Kazu

It was getting cooler than earlier time on the premises of Wat Chedi Luang that was like a temple of elephants. Please imagine the original tower 80 meters high on this building.
It has been the place to save the souls of the living people and deceased for many years. The tall trees on the premises of the temple made the shade on the building. The shades were like a symbol of rest.
The statue of Buddha gave the tourists and citizens peace of mind. So far, no plan to rebuild the tower has not been figured out. We just imagine the original design of the temple. The statue of Buddha was just sitting in the calmness in the darkness.


The Sacred Area of Chiang Mai !

by Kazu

So many ribbons were hung from the ceiling of Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It seemed to be expressing the rainfall in sevnth heaven .The rain is called "Kanro".
that means "sweet rain drop" in Japanese.
The tower  base on the Buddhas bones was huge. The tower part was broken by the earthquake many yers ago. There was a tower of 80 meters high on the huge building.

There were the sculptures of elephants as if they emerged from the wall of the building. The stairs seemed to be guarded by the dragons on the handrails beside the stairs. 


Golden Temple in Chiang Mai !

by Kazu

This is the main building of the temple in which the Buddhist monks  and visitors pray and worship. The base color of the main building was white but the inside was different.
Gold and red were the base color of the the building. I recognized he power of the religion Buddhism in the country including Chiang Mai. Every body seems to be seeking for the heaven in the world.
I had to pray for the increase of my hair. Monks were praying in front of the golden altar and the statues. Visitors were watching them and the altar, sitting on the floor. Human beings can not live without some kind of religion ?


An Old Temple in Chiang Mai !

by Kazu

The name of the old temple is Wat Chedi Luang. A small altar for an elephant welcomed us near the entrance.
The temple was build in 1391 by King Seenmuammar the Seventh(1383-1402) of Menlaai Dynasty, praying fo th flourish of the dynasty.
The Chedi, which means the tower on the Buddha bones, of the temple is the largest and was 80 meters high when it was established. In 1545, the tower was broken by the huge earthquake and was repaired by Culture Agency of Chiang Mai.
This is the place of comfort for the citizens of Chiang Mai. So many Lanna style statues of Buddhist image were the main building of the temple near the entrance. Reparing the building is continued all the year round.


Old Capital Chaing Mai !

by Kazu

Chiang Mai had been the capital city of Lanna Dynasty for many years. So many Papa-Mama Shops are here and there even outside the old town. Many flowers are sold in each shop. They were for temples and Buddhist Altars. Thailand is the country of Budhism.
The city size is so nice for me.  Strolling around the old downtown is so stimulating that I can not stop imaging the old town many years ago.
After strolling around the downtown of Chiang Mai,  we visited an old temple that had an aged big tree near the entrance of the premises. So many tourists and citizen were there on that day. Before the sunset, it might be the good timing to visit the temple.


Lunch in Chiang Mai 2 !

by Kazu

Lanna Rice Barn was not so far from the old town of Chiang Mai. Going through the narrow street in the eastern side of the south gate of the old town, the traditional Lanna restaurant appeared.
The starter was the veggie sticks, slices of sausage,boiled egg and fried pork skin with hot spicy sauce like Salsa and Guacamole.
Spicy Chicken & veggie soup did not seem to be so hot but after chewing for few seconds, the chili worked wonders. I felt the perspiration on my face.


The Fifth Anniversary of Hokkaido-Chiang Mai Friendship Affiliation 3 !

by Kazu

These are the photos of the meeting of Hokkaido delegation and Chiang Mai officers from another angle. Chiang Mai side kindly gather the participants from a variety of area to discuss the future exchange betwen the regions. 

Vice Governor of Chiang Mai Mr. Viroon Phantewee could not join the meeting in the morning but kindly host the dinner welcome us all in the traditional Lanna restaurant.

The Chief of Chiang Mai Governor's Office said he would like to visit Hokkaido to watch the football games and baseball games in Sapporo.