Paddy Field Art in Higashitakasu of Asahikawa 2016

by Tacky.

Do you remember the Paddy Field Art in Higashitakasu area of Asahikawa City?

Yes, it was posted on this site and introduced on June 16, 2016.

 These pictures were taken on July 7.
The rice crops planted at that time grew up and made up a picture appearing on the field.

It'll be the best time for savoring this Paddy Field Art.
Please see instructions of the picture about drawn animals.

But, the picture drawn with rice crops was too big to catch in one shot.
Please visit there and see the picture on site.

 It's possible to see Daisetsu-zan mountainous area far away from this place he wish from this place to Daxue Shan in a far place when it is fine and the view is clear.

Access to the site is posted at 
and please check it up!


Akahane in Niseko 4 !

by Kazu

The smell of the hot spring water
is similar to that of Yumoto Onsen across the road but precisely speaking, a little bit difference could be recognized and the only one accommodation around this area at the foot of Mt. Chise Nupri is here.
Some scarlet people may not allow the Self-Defense Force in Japan to own such facility but please do not mind. This facility is now run by a private company and is made the most of for the people in Japan and abroad.
It might be the good place for having a rest between the hard training near the area held even in winter. Now that so nice hotel staffers are showing the best hospitality in Hokkaido, you may not recognize the unique design of the building.


Akahane in Niseko 3 !

by Kazu

This is the changing room of the hot spring spa of the hotel "Akahane". The wooden floor and the washing space were well-maintained and cleaned-up by the staffers working hard.
The quality of the hot spring was veru similar to that of "Yumoto" Onsen near the hotel. The smell of sulfur and the color of the volcanic ash were healing our body.
The outside spa was empty because of the lack of the hot spring flow. The amount of hot spring flow seemed not to stable and fluctuate. But  the inside was so nice and comfy on that day.


Akahane in Niseko 2 !

by Kazu

This is the entrance hall of the hotel "Akahane" with so nice hot spring spa. The room we stayed was not so big because the room was for the soldiers of Japanese Self-Defense Force.
 They were given the minimum space in the accommodations. Too lavish and plush facilities were not allowed for them, I think.
But the design for remodeling was so nice and the staffers were also so nice to show their hospitality and consideration.


Akahane in Niseko !

by Kazu

"AKAHANE" is the name of the hotel in Niseko.  It is on the opposite side of "Yumoto Onsen" across the road. In Chinese characters, 紅葉音.  
One of the hotel staffers explained that the hotel was the accommodations for the Japanese Self-Defense Force and the owner purchased and refurbished.  
The old building was given the Japanese traditional taste but it may be so tough to keep this taste even in the heavy snow of Niseko area. The staffers seemed to be so  diligent and working so hard but delightfully.


Sapporo Curling Hall !

by Kazu

This is the place where "Hokkaido Bank Curling Classic 2016" will be held in August. It is also the memorial tournament of the Friendship between Hokkaido and Heilongjiang of China.
 This year, teams from Alberta, Canada, Heilongjiang, China, Germany and Korea will compete in the tournament. I hope the teams from Alberta and Heilongjiang will show us the flag next year too.
This is the place for the Executive Board of the Committee for the tournament and the guests to the opening ceremony. It may be a little bit small for all the staff members but the staffers will be so busy that they will not have time to mingle in the room.


Cool Down with these photos !

by Kazu

The chilly winds blow my cheek and nose and filled my lungs up with the coldness and the aroma of spruce leaves. In spite of the cold air, my body was so hot after crawling up the stairs in front of the greenhouse.  
 The sleepy hollow of Kitami City was starting to shake off the frost formed in the night. Compared to the west coast of Hokkaido, we can enjoy much more sunny days in this hollow.


dàndār miàn ?

by Kazu

Even in my hometown Kitami City, a variety of delicious Ramen noodle soup can be savored, including such dàndār miàn-like noodle soup. Sesame paste and red-hot-chili oil create so nicely addictive harmony in the bowl.
 Different from the typical spiral noodle of Sapporo Ramen, this kind of straight egg-noodle refrain the hot soup from burning up our tongue too much. It's a kind of art to convey the best combination of the spices in their best condition to our tongue and stomach, I think.
It energized me enough to stroll around in the forest near my house.  


"Meat Shop" in Sapporo City !

by Kazu

In cold winter, hot summer, even in the season of flowers and beautiful autumn with foliage colored so nice, we sometimes feel the necessity to beef up our body and soul. This is the beefsteak you may need in such times.

Dry-aged beef, not too fatty nor soft is the most appropriate beef to energize you in tough time and hot humid summer,I think.. Because we can not eat so fatty beef everyday, considering the fear of lifestyle related disease. The culture of cook and eat meat advanced outside Japan and dry-aged beef is one of the arts developed gracefully.  


The Reign of Red!

by Kazu

This is the former Government office building by  Hokkaido. As this is the point to take photos in front of so-called "Aka Renga"that means the "Red-Bricks", a small flower garden is placed here for the tourists..
 On the other side of "Red Brick" a huge office and shopping building are located. The name is "Aka-Renga Terrace.
It is getting hot and humid. Please remember the cold winter when the hot summer was dreamed on. You can enjoy this summer much more than usual. The summer in Hokkaido is short. We have to do what we can do only in summer, don't we ?


Yumoto Hot Spring Spa 1

by Kazu

I am so sorry  for failing to post the name of the quality hot spring spa refurbished so nicely.
The name is "Yuki Chichibu". Even in the heavy snowfall, you can reach to the spa through the well-maintained road on the hillside.
Please try the hot spring with strong smell of sulfur and mud.