Going back to the hidden railway station !

by Kazu

We went up the hillside from the beach of Koboro Area to the railway station. We found a long long train to carry containers passing by the station..
As the station was between the tunnels, we could not see the whole trains carrying the containers.
These were the tunnels that sandwiched the hidden railway station of Koboro Area. The tunnels seemed to be so old but they are still in use.


Koboro Area !

 by Kazu

Fishermen and their families had been living this area named "Koboro". Nobody lives in this area any more.
My wife and I got down to the beach where the fishermen had been living. Some shrines seemed to be existing near the station.


Koboro Station at????

 by Kazu

It might have been such a small community. I could find few flat spaces to live on around the beach. The living place for the fishermen and their families might be on the upper side of the area.
The scenery of gray color was in front of us. The beach as the base of the fishermen was very narrow and I was wondering how the fishermen carried the fish they got to the station or their houses.


On our way to the hidden railway station !

by Kazu

Before we reached the hidden railway station, the train stopped at the station next to our destination. The name of the station was "Rebun".
It was a little bit away from the National route that connected Sapporo City and Hakodate City.
Going through the paddy fields and bushes, we reached the hidden railway station only for tourists, particularly railways manias.


To the abandoned railway station !

 by Kazu

We headed to the hidden railway station where no residents are living any more. We changed the train to reach the spot.
Japan Railway Station in Muroran was the place to change the train to reach the hidden station.
This was the train we should take to reach the destination on that day. Only one cart of train entered the railway station.


On a certain day in my office !

by Kazu

What if you could work in such an office filled with able staffers  of quite assets ?
 I am so satisfied with the diversity in our office.  
The quite assets are composed of the talents from Canada, Korea and China as well as Japan. It might be a chance to break through in such harsh competition in the world.
We celebrated the birthday of one of our so able staff on that day and took photos.   I am having happy office hours with them and that continues for another year, to be surprised.


American Taste ? 6

by Kazu

Young guys may not recognize what the box above is but I also unfamiliar with it. I might have seen it in my infancy beside the road. Cigarette vendor was like that before.
This restaurant can be used for a party and other events. The sign above shows that it has a variety of party plans to satisfies the participants so much. .
I will check up the designer of the restaurant and the building to report you all. But, please do not forget that the protagonist of the restaurant was the spare rib sourced from Furano area in Hokkaido.

American Taste ? 5

by Kazu

I think most of the visitors were satisfied with the atmosphere and the circumstances of the restaurant as well as the culinary delights sourced locally.
 To realize the total concept of the owners image for the restaurant, the budget might have swelled much more than expected, I think.
I have never seen such building designed totally in the taste of American. It may be impossible to arrange such restaurant without living long in the United States, I think.


American Taste ? 4

by Kazu

It seemed that a small fortune had been consumed to build this building and to decorate the restaurant.
 The name of the restaurant was "Wild Grill & Bar, BEGGARD's HARLEM. It was beside the street called "Souseigawa Dori" in Sapporo City.
I am not sure the owner of the restaurant made the most of his collections he or she had gathered privately before the open of the restaurant or not.


American Taste ? 3

by Kazu

The total design of the building and interiors were that of the old American, I felt. The furniture in the building might be kind of antique.
 The accessories and the tools of the native Americans were also exhibited in the restaurant. I may give my collections brought from New Mexico to this restaurant when I pass away.
I have more indigenous items including spear, bow and arrows, hatchet in my condo. If the restaurant could exist even after my death, I would contemplate seriously to give all my collections to this restaurant.


American Taste ? 2

by Kazu

Considering the size of the salad bowl, it can be said that it was American. The spare ribs was made of the quality Furano Pork made in Furano City.
It was the first time for me to be satisfied with the volume and taste of spare ribs in this ten years. The beefsteak also shook me up with the taste and quality.
All the dishes were well organized and flavored with the balance struck on the plates. The name of the restaurant is ・・・・
to be continued.