Rose Garden in Iwamizawa City !

by Kazu

My wife and I love the buckwheat noodle provide by the restaurant "Mebunryo" in Tokachi SHimizu. It is like a piece of fresh "sushi-grade" seafood that makes us feel the gift of the land.
On our way back to Sapporo from Obihiro, we dropped by the suburbs of Iwamizawa City. There is a rose garden area in a park.
It is called "British Rose Garden" and a variety of roses welcomed us. My wife loves the flower so much and I love her looking the flowers.


The morning to the noon !

by Kazu

As I mentioned before, I love to stay in the accommodations run by Dormy Club such as La Vista and Dormy Inn. Each of them has such comfy hot spring spa on the top floor.
In Japan, we have a custom to put a certain kind of citrus called "Yuzu" in a bath tub to fend off catching a cold since Edo Era..
On our way back to Sapporo City, we dropped by a buckwheat noodle restaurant "Mebunryo" as usual. I chose plain cold "soba" and my wife "Gomoku" topped with a variety of food.


After jogging !

by Kazu

Wouldn't you like to stroll or jog around such river-bed with green loan and some spruce? The air brought by the river flow and the winds along the river was so fresh and energizing.
To be honest, I am one of the member of Dormy Group that runs Dormy-Inn and La Vista
Each of the Inns and Hotels has "Yonakisoba Time" which means complimentary ramen noodle soup time  in the evening after dinner and quality hot spring spa.


After binge drinking !

by Kazu

Above is the south end of the bridge over Tokachi River. The road heads to the railway station in Obihiro City. It was raining in that morning.
The river-bed was well-maintained with the cycling-or jogging-road and some facilities for leisure.
The cables of the bridge were heading to  the sky of gray to reach the pillar that support the bridge as if they worshiped the sky. 

Across Tokachi River !

by Kazu

This cable-stayed bridge over Tokachi River may be the "must " to go through because of the beauty of its design and the shape made by cables to the sky.
Its river bed bed is so wide that many soccer fields, rugby fields, baseball grounds were there along the river.
The bridge is pedestrian-friendly with ample width of sidewalk and the guards for walkers. Have you ever been to this area ? If not, please try !

Obihiro in the morning !

 by Kazu

  The central district of Obihiro City was so calm in the morning on that day. To be honest, depopulation and aging population made the area so calm even on weekday.
 In the evening, some Japanese bistros called " Izakaya" in Japanese opened their shutters of the shops and restaurants. Even so, the street in the central district was so calm. 
 I reached the bridge over "Tokachi River" that brings fertile soil and mineral from the mountainous area of Tokachi region. .


The Headquarters of Rokkatei Confctionary in Obihiro City !

by Kazu

This is the building in which the Farm Bar "Food Baby" where my wife and I went. It was curious that the bar was on the second floor of apparel   shop in Obiiro City.

It seemed to be so popular for the young generation in the city.The quality of the dishes made of the veggies and meat sourced locally was so high.

This is the entrance of the headquarters of Rokkatei Confectionery. You can drink coffee for free of charge. But why don't you savor the sweets with coffee?


What is the next ?

 by Kazu

 As the starter of our dinner on that day, the sliced and fried burdock was so nice to have with the aqua vitae for me. Sorry I mean cold and tasteful domestic beer with the word "aqua vitae".
 Sorry I mean cold and tasteful domestic beer with the word "aqua vitae".
The veggies, roasted beef and and sour cheese cream sauce were amazing. Needless to say, they were sourced locally in Obihiro area.


Do you eat burdock ?

by Kazu

Mozzarella cheese and crisp sliced French baguette  was
so nice to have with quality beer brown in Hokkaido.
Basically, we have to choose the dishes so carefully when we use the quality restaurant in Hokkaido to make the most of the space of our stomach.
This is the fried sliced burdock cup with spicy and tasteful sauce. It's very nice for our digesting system.


Feast !

by Kazu

The fried chicken was so juicy, tasteful and energizing. The land-raised chicken promises your satisfaction.
The name of "Farm Bar" shows the quality of the food materials as well as the skill and the knowledge of the chef.
The buds and stem of  field mustard gave a twist to the starter of our dinner and  let us appreciate the land bless to our lives enough. Cheers !