Dinner in the Windsor Hotel Toya 3 !

 by Kazu

This is what we were waiting for.in that night. Once you place the beef cooked with deepest consideration on your tongue, it melt down naturally exhaling the superb aroma of vigor. Needless to say, the top-quality beef was produced near the hotel in Iburi Sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido.
 Can you spare the space for such sweet even after being stuffed up other kinds of dishes like a dream ?
The strawberry was emitting so nice and sweet aroma with slightly sour taste.
You may hesitate to break the scenery of such happiness but I recommend to clash the rolled cookie and make a chaos. Believe me, it was another kind of happiness on the table.


Dinner in the Windsor Hotel Toya 2 !

 by Kazu

The starter of the dinner was veggie and seafood salad that contained sliced raw rockfish, scallop, red radish lettuce and flower.The brown line was made with wine vinegar.  
 The pasta was served with the sauce made from sea urchin  and truffles but I was not sure the recipe. Needless to say, it was so nice and shook my heart.
Please imagine the taste of what is on this plate. Te sauce for the dish fit the cooked materials to a T.
A scoop of the dish made us so happy with the excellent and striking taste given in the comfy room.
Please check out what you can savor now at  http://www.windsor-hotels.co.jp/en/restaurant/


Dinner !

by Kazu

These were what I ate on that day ! with my wife.
 It is not a cake on the plate but the design was like that arranged like marble.

The starter was in the cup on the plate with a piece of rose. If you would like to or plan to sit on your  knee in Hokkaido, please do not hesitate to contact me because I was assigned to arranging international affairs for the future of this island and our nation.  


The Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa 4 !

by Kazu

Even sore knees, back pain and headaches seemed to be taken off by the comfortable situation in the hot spring spa of the Hotel Windsor Toya.
Even in March, you can see the world of white winter from the hotel on top of the mountain.
It is getting warm on the plain but if you would like to see such scenery, please visit the Hotel Windsor Toya where the leaders of G8 Countries got together before.
While I was kicking back and relaxing, it was getting dark and the "Magic Hour" was passing by. "Let's call it a day !" I said to myself.


The Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa 3 !

by Kazu

What a beautiful closing of a day !
Thanks Deities of the island. The visitors who book themselves in the hotel are given the privileges to see the landscape from the peak of the mountain.
Nobody was in the bathroom other than me on that day.
Please imagine that you are soaking yourself in the comfy hot spring bath and seeing this scenery and peaks of other mountains.
Setting sun could not be seen anymore but the reflection of the sunshine and the blue being empowered made up so-called "Magic Hour".I am not sure if the leaders of G8 countries used the bathroom or not.

This is where I visited on my business jaunt ! Namely, it is the answer !

by Kazu

No filters were not used for this scenery. It is natural color of the landscape.
 It might be so difficult to hit the right balance between the striking landscape and the normal lives of the people on the island.
I booked myself in 夕陽館 in Rishiri Town on the isolated island. This is the hot-spring bath in the Japanese Inn that made me so refreshed. The hot spring water is delivered from the facility run by the municipality.

To be continued.


The northern end of the east end !

by Kazu

Can you imagine where I am now ?
I took these photos on March 24(Tue.), 2015. It is so windy and cold outside of the car.
 Waves of approximately four meter-high hit the coast again and again. Weather alert of blizzard was issued this morning.
This is the lake near the coast and the souvenir shop beside the lake was closed albeit I was asked by my wife to buy dried seafood flakes to top on the steamed rice.
 The souvenir shop will open in April or May.
What do you think of the venue ?

The answer will be posted on March 26(Thu.);)

The Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa 2 !

by Kazu

On your way to the spa and swimming pool, you can see the lake view through the window. The eastern part of the lake was still colored with orange from the west.
The northern area of the lake is paddy field and veggie field. You can enjoy snowshoeing on this hillside but please avoid to get closer to the spa outside of the building.
This is the isle to the hot spring spa of the hotel. It is so long but the lighting is so subtle and nice.
Considering the cost performance to run the hotel, it may cost small fortune to keep warm in the aisle but it earns a lot from the high-end consumers.
In front of the entrance of the spa, there is a waiting room for the couples and families.  

The Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa !

by Kazu

The setting sun was still shining through the cloud and gave a fantastic countenances to the land and ocean.
Our room was facing to west and given the light of deities. The central island of Lac Toya was also lightened up. A herd of deer swam across the lake and ate up the grass on the island before.
The rotunda of the hotel has double excellent scenery and the huge sheet glasses do not spoil the original beauty of the landscape..
As the hotel was built before the economic recession after the bubble prosper of economy in Japan, the interior and the design of the building is superior even now.
Two pools billiards are in front of the entrance of a bar beside the way to swimming pool.