LUPICIA in Niseko Town !

by Kazu

I followed my wife.
Restaurant LUPICIA traffic in various kinds of tea. This is the boulangerie and souvenir shop of the restaurant.  
Many cottages were around the restaurant. Potteries and other artists also seemed to have settled in that area.  
From the parking lot of the restaurant, we had to went around the building to reach the entrance. If you would like to, you can have the special lunch and dinner on the deck.
The wood of the wall and deck seemed to be new without stain and damage on the surface.
This is the lunch menu of the restaurant. My wife went to Bolognese and I chose sauteed chicken.
 Three kinds of tea could be savored and the starter was a variety of salad. The sauteed mushroom was so nice and the dressing varied and gave them a twist and taste.

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