This is where I visited on my business jaunt ! Namely, it is the answer !

by Kazu

No filters were not used for this scenery. It is natural color of the landscape.
 It might be so difficult to hit the right balance between the striking landscape and the normal lives of the people on the island.
I booked myself in 夕陽館 in Rishiri Town on the isolated island. This is the hot-spring bath in the Japanese Inn that made me so refreshed. The hot spring water is delivered from the facility run by the municipality.

To be continued.

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  1. おや、ブログが更新されないと思ったらソフトバンクの繋がらない利尻・礼文にお出かけでしたか。プライベートで来られる際は、ホテル利尻の温泉などが良いですよ。