Niseko Goshiki Onsen ! Hot Spring Spa !

by Kazu

Do you remember this comfortable hot spring spa near the pass between Niseko Town and Iwanai Town, Norm ?
 Even at the beginning of spring, the building of the accommodations and spa was covered with snow.
Mt. Chise-nupuri and Mt. Iwao-nupuri were also dressed with formal attire in winter.
 Only the sign and the entrance of the accommodations could be seen from the parking lot in front of the building. It may take a little bit more to see the ground covered with flowers and bamboo grass.
The fireplace lost the flame when we visited the spa. Nodding off in front of the red flame of stove is so nice and comfy.
 The restaurant of the accommodations was closed and waiting for the guests refreshed with the healing hot spring water. The windows should be guarded with the sheet of wood or something like that in the deep snow.
To be continued.

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