Epilogue 14 ! Sweet Tower !

by Kazu

Please find the sign "ミルク&パフェ よつ葉ホワイトコージ" on the basement floor of PASEO of Sapporo JR Station. Yum ?

One of the most biggest milk and milk- related products manufacturer run the sweets shop at PASEO WEST B1F


抹茶 Matcha powder, boiled and sweetened red beans topped the quality ice cream made of milk produced in Hokkaido. Fruits, chocolate, mint herb received us in the patisserie after we were stuffed with grilled lamb, seafood and veggies.
Plane rice-cake ball and moxi-flavored were beside the tower of ice cream vanilla-flavored. Yes, another stomachs within our body wee activated at a glance..

The series of sweet towers were displayed in the showcase on the  Can you find it ?front side of the patisserie.
The green tail on top of the photo below is not the character but the southern part of Hokkaido island.

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