TOMAMU Ski Resort & Spa !

by Tacky

The most popular winter sport is ski in Hokkaido.
I went to the Tomamu ski area in Shimukappu Village in December, 2014.
There are 25 courses of ski gelande in this one of the biggest ski resort in Hokkaido that has the total length of approximately 19.8 km for skiing The quality of snow in the resort know as the very best on this globe.

I was astonished by the ample facilities equipped to entertain the visitors in this ski resort.
There were tissue box at the lift stop for the novices, who had a runny nose due to the coldness, to blow the nose.
A sofa was set at the stop of gondola on top of the mountain top. A
flush toilet near the stop gondola was cleaned beautifully.

There was a seesaw on which the skiers can slip and play with the ski. There was also a tunnel where you can slip while getting on ski
again. Of course, the instructor who tells how to slip to a ski beginner and
rental ski are also enriched.

Needless to say, even beginners can enjoy ski enough under the instruction of skilled experts and with ample rental ski.
Hospitality equipment is quite enriched because Tomamu ski area is the part
of the large resort facility run by a nationwide resort firm.
There is not such ski resort other than this in Hokkaido. I do not think other ski resort can give a good try to showing hospitality in
such way.

I hope that you can enjoy ski in Shimukappu Village!

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