The end of the Journey !

by Kazu

I am very sorry for failing to put a period on the story of the ladies who visited Hokkaido including Akkeshi Town where they shared unforgettable days with the local people.
 One of the lady who stayed in my condo. after the project in Akkeshi Town left Sapporo City for her hometown Osaka. Remembering the days in Akkeshi Town with the ladies, I took my staff to "Autumn Fest" of Sapporo City after saying good-bye to the lady.
Fortunately, the municipality of Akkeshi and the Fishermen's Association of Akkeshi Town dispatched their staff and set up the food stand in Odori Park of Sapporo City. Steamed oysters sourced from Akkeshi Town and other typical dishes of Akkeshi Town were sold at the food stand of Akkeshi Town.
 Fried chicken was not from Akkeshi Town but we need the taste for drinking pints of beer.
Oyster stew was the most appropriate to wrap up the dinner in the park. Even after finishing our dinner in the park, I had grilled Pacific saury in my condo. remembering the fresh ones I had in Akkeshi Town.

Good-bye, ladies and see you again !

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