Epilogue 10 !

by Kazu

Where do you think we were going to on this escalator ? The length of the escalator is like that of subway station in London, U.K.
 Yes, this is the large hill ski jump schanze of Ohkurayama. Details are described at  http://www.sapporo-dc.co.jp/eng/okurayama/index.html
This is the restaurant beside the schanze. It was closed when we visited after the dinner.  The ski jump set including suits of the  Olympic games medalists were displayed in the building.  
 Even in summer, ski jump games are held in this area. My wife and the guests stood on the landing field.
It was a little bit hot in the night but now, all the facility is covered with white snow. The escalator on the photo above connected the parking area to this gelande.
Good night !

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