Boulangerie Miruto-Coppe !

by Tacky

Last week, KAZU and I went to Miruto area in Iwamizawa City.
Miruto area is an area which prospered as a town of coal mine before.
But the coal mine was shut down many years ago, and the population of this area
decreased dramatically. Therefore the housings where nobody live any more were left in this area.
But even if some people leave the area, some new comers settle in. 
I heard that there was a boulangerie in the hidden area that was becoming so popular . The name of the boulangerie is "Miruto-Koppe".
That is why I visited this area again. The family that is running this boulangerie in Miruto area moved into this area in 1998.

The person who comes to the store for the first time arrives with difficulty
to the boulangerie because it is located in far in the mountains.


The breads are baked in a kiln in this bakery. The surface of the breads is rather crisp for bread and the inside is so elastic, "MOTCHIRI" in Japanese. And it has the aroma of wood slightly. The bread that contains sweetened red-bean paste  that called "Anpan" in Japanese has the fame of the very best in the boulangerie.
This boulangerie opens at 9:30 am It's said that the breads are sold out in the morning in many days but a lot
of people come to buy the breads from far from there.
This bakery is open only 2 days  a week, on Saturday and Sunday in winter.
 When I visited this bakery, this baker was constructing his home by himself
next to the store.
This baker who  was building his home told he was busier in building the house than producing bread in winter season. It requires not so much money to live there !"said the baker laughing.
 I would like the baker living sturdily in Miruto area to keep making
delicious breads for good !


住所 北海道岩見沢市美流上美流渡の森

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