Remembering Spring !

by Kazu

We had been longing for the spring filled with beautiful flowers and blossoms followed by hot spring. The colors eased the pain and fulfilled our weary mind.
The contrast of pale pink and light- blue sky was so energizing after the long cold winter.but it was also the period to recharge our butteries to get over hot and humid summer even in Hokkaido.
Now the aroma of the flowers and blossoms are a little bit different from that in spring. I can say that the smell of primitive desire is sweeping across our island. Dangerous ? No, no, it is the human pastime in summer.
Please burn up your desire and do not regret after this summer;)


Enjoy enough this summer !

by Kazu

Most of the people living in Hokkaido tend to be mutter about the humidity and hot temperature in summer but please remember the time when we were longing for beautiful green and glaring sunshine of hot summer.
These photos were taken on the premises of Hokkaido University in last April. We needed to be warmed up with sunshine after the long winter. So, we have to enjoy enough this summer not to regret after the beautiful season passes by.


Around Lac Shikotsu !

by Kazu

To call it a day, the deities of the mountains around Lac Shikotsu gave us so beautiful and impressive scenery with the setting-sun and blue blue sky.
The lava dome could be seen from the lakeside of Lac Shikotsu but it was just part of the great skyline of this area.   The heads of swans gave the scenery a little bit twists, I think.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
 Just near the lake side, there is a nice restaurant where quality Japanese cuisine can be savored. The name is "Suimeikaku". Please check it out on the Internet and try !


At the end of the long day !

by Kazu

We felt pain on our thighs even while we got down the steps from the parking lot on the lakeside to the pears.
The perspectives around the lake was shown on the sign beside the lake. Please extend the photo to read the discriptions on the sign written in English and Japanese.
Mt. Tarumae can be seen as if it is lower than Mt. Fuppushi but I am not sure which is higher. What I can say now is Mt. Fuppushi was tougher than Mt. Tarumae.
Based on the description on the sign, Fuppushi is the namesake of the word of the indigenous people in Hokkaido, Ainu, that means "the mountain that has so many spruces peculiar to Hokkaido.


Getting down the trail !

by Kazu

After having conquered two peaks, we walked down the trail from the peak of Mt. Fuppushi at around three  o'clock on that day.
Every time we went for trekking, my wife urged me to step in to the deities and brown bears but she tended to give up to reach the peaks because of her "Hetare Minds" in Japanese. It means too sissy.
We reached the entrance of the trail that had led us to the peaks and this is the lodge in front of the entrance.
We got down to the foot of the mountains and went to the lakeside of Lac SHikotsu. The whole bodies of the mountain which peaks we had conquered could be seen from there.


The highest point of Mt. Fuppushi !

by  Kazu

These are the rest of the photos taken on top of Mt. Fuppushi !
The surface of Mt. Fuppushi was covered with the plants including birch and larch.
As it was so hot on the peak of Mt Fuppushi, some of the trekkers were too tired and almost experiencing heat stroke. I actually felt the pain on my thigh despite I took enough sport drink to obtain water and minerals.
My wife actually once gave up to reach the peak but I took her hand and brought her to the peak after checking how long it would take to reach the peak by myself..
I mean that I had reached the peak  and went back to my wife scared by the altitude and the steep hillside a little bit before the peak, and took her to the peak. I had to go to the peak twice from the point my wife was weeping and sitting.
The highest point of the mountain was shown with the stone pillar as below.


The Rocks in the green mountain !

by Kazu

Looking back the peak of Mt. Tarumae we reached an hour before, we were heading to the peak of Mt. Fuppushi surrounded by bamboo grasses.
Such huge rocks were on our way to the peak.
We crawled up the rocks, sticking to the steel chain.  Comparatively, the peak of Mt. Fuppushi was low but the steep hillside made of huge rocks was a little bit too tough in the hot and humid conditions.
To be honest, I was wondering if the leader of this team, I mean my wife,  would be able to come down this way after having conquer the peak or not. but the sissy mind almost made me suffer heat stroke when I ? we ? reached the peak.
The hillside of Mt. Tarumae that could be seen from the summit of Mt. Fuppushi reminded me of the landscape of the Mars I saw in the movie film and the photos taken by the artificial orbit.

From the hillside of Mt. Fuppushi !

by Kazu

Have you got the perspectives of the landscape of Mt. Tarumae and Mt. Fuppushi ?
From the peak of Mt. Fuppushi, such Buena Vista could be seen on that day. The lava dome of Mt. Tarumae was far away.
Including the two peaks, all the landscape was like a garden for deities and hermit, in the language of the indigenous people of Hokkaido, yes, Kamui in the language of Ainu.
We were so lucky to savor the fine view from the two peaks with different scenery each other.


It's not so easy to reach another peak !

by Kazu

It might be so tough to play golf on this slope. If you did a mistake in approaching, you might have to go down the slope to the entrance of the trail.
We went up to the entrance of the territory reigned by the deity of Mt. Fuppushi. We had to go down to the foot of gigantic rock called Mt. Fuppushi;)
The landscape was so nice that my wife might feel she rule the world not only me.
Every time I was taken by my wife to the mountain, I had to play the role of a sherpa to conquer the peak. I grumbled every time, but I was moved by the scenery and grateful to my wife.