Cape Kamui this year !

by Kazu

Looking back the gate to the lookout on the peninsula, I could find no cursing word on the back side of the gate albeit the sign of the off-limits is on the front-side of the gate.
 Both side of the peninsula is facing the Sea of Japan but the shape affected by the wind from the direction of Northwest seemed to have created another world.
It would take five more minutes to reach the pear of the peninsula. Almost I could find the goal after ten-minute walk. Every time I visit the horn of the peninsula, I am allured by the landscape under the water that can be imagined.
You might be afraid of diving into the ocean while you are seeing it over the sea level but once you get the neutral floating balance, you get free from the gravity.
Keeping your body upside down under the water is so fantastic and relaxing that you may come up with an idea that can make you break through the challenges, I think and experienced before !

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