Iwanai Town !

by Kazu

Above is the shower corner of the Goshiki Onsen (Hot Spring) Annex. Don't you like such public space ?
But the deeper you get to know and immerse yourself in the Japanese culture, the more you feel as if you got together with the universe surrounding you.
After taking enough time in the accommodation "Goshiki Onsen", we headed to the port town Iwanai where so nice traditional Japanese inn can be savored. I recommend "Takashima Ryokan"on the hillside facing to the Sea of Japan".
The character design comes from "cod" that has an asparagus because the total amount of catch from the ocean is consist of hectic amount of cod and it is said that Iwanai Town is the first place to introduce the cultivation of asparagus in Hokkaido.  
This is the souvenir shop in the roadside station of Iwanai near the port. Only a few staffers were in the station and they plays the role to give tourism information. The ocean was still a little bit too cold for human beings to swim but I swam a week after this drive.

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