The Rocks in the green mountain !

by Kazu

Looking back the peak of Mt. Tarumae we reached an hour before, we were heading to the peak of Mt. Fuppushi surrounded by bamboo grasses.
Such huge rocks were on our way to the peak.
We crawled up the rocks, sticking to the steel chain.  Comparatively, the peak of Mt. Fuppushi was low but the steep hillside made of huge rocks was a little bit too tough in the hot and humid conditions.
To be honest, I was wondering if the leader of this team, I mean my wife,  would be able to come down this way after having conquer the peak or not. but the sissy mind almost made me suffer heat stroke when I ? we ? reached the peak.
The hillside of Mt. Tarumae that could be seen from the summit of Mt. Fuppushi reminded me of the landscape of the Mars I saw in the movie film and the photos taken by the artificial orbit.

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