Stand on the ground for human beings !

by Kazu

My wife and I continued to go down the mild hillside of Mt. Bieidake. This is the world for human beings to live.
We could see the hotels in Shirogane Hot Spring Area at the foot of Mt. Bieidake far away. It would take more than an hour. I saw my wife's knees were trembling a little bit. The trail to the entrance at Bogakudai was easy to step forward but we thought that we should not use this trail to go up to the peak of Mt. Bieidake.


To the world for human beings !

by Kazu

My wife and I were going down on the hillside through the cloud. The scenery that could be seen from the cloud was like a silk-screened-print works.
After conquering two peaks of the mountains, my wife seemed to have taken off the burden on her mind.
The comfy hot spring spa in the Inn Hakuginsou on the hillside of Mt. Tokachidake was waiting for us. We had to dive into the onsen as soon as possible.


Getting down to the world of human beings !

 by Kazu

The river flow from the higher hillside of Mt. Bieidake was so small on that day but we had to be so careful and stay on our toes to avoid flash flood on the hillside.
 We were going through the cloud and getting down to the place for living for human beings.
 It took much longer hours to reach the entrance of the trail to go around the highland including the peaks of Mt. Tokachidake and Mt. Bieidake.


Across the white river !

by Kazu

It was easy even for my wife to go across the white river going across the trail. But I imagined the flood that carried the huge rocks in and beside the river flow.
Trekkers should be so careful about the change of the weather over the highland. The clean water flow turned dark brown and became like a dragon going berserk.
The water flow seemed so beautiful for us and refreshing. But please do not drink such water in Hokkaido because it has the risk of taking in


White river but !

by Kazu

They were so beautiful flowers blooming beside the trail. I thought they were emitting purple light in the shade of leaves of other plants.
The trail from the peak of Mt. Bieidake to the entrance of the trail was like a white river bed. We had to jump from the rock to  rock and go through the rocks so hardly.
Soon we encountered the real white river. We had to go across the river. The water flow was so comfortable when I put my hand in the water. But in Hokkaido, we never drink such water.


Flowers blooming on the hillside !

 by Kazu

Red, white and purple little flowers were blooming beside the trail on the hillside. They were so pretty but it is prohibited to pick them up.
Some trekkers do bad things such us picking up those highland plants. I hate such violation of the law and code of conduct.
Having a rest on the trail, those flowers refresh our sight so much. Very little but strong lives existed in the harsh condition.


Going trough the rocks !

by Kazu

I think that we should not chose this trail to reach the peak of Mt. Bieidake first because the hillside was so steep.
I recognized that our choice of the course to stroll around the highland was right. Even for the course to get down the hillside, the trail was a little bit hard for my wife.
If we had chosen this trail for going up the hillside, we would have given up the trekking.


Getting down the trail !

by Kazu

We had enough time to reach the entrance of the trail before the sunset but we should be so careful not to tumble on the hillside.
 We were above the cloud and had to go through it again to come back to the lower world.
Looking back the peak we conquered, we had a rest and sip the water. My wife loved this angle.


What the winners can see !

by Kazu

The deity of Mt. Bieidake and the highland gave us the present. We could have a look at the hillside around the peak of Mt.Bieidake for a few minutes.
 The cloud on the peak and the rim went away and the hidden surface of the ground appeared.
Much more artistic rocks on the rim of the crater appeared in front of us. The trail to get down the mountain could be seen clearly. It was the time to go.


Having a rest on the peak !

by Kazu

It seemed that my wife got tired so much but at the same time, she was so satisfied with her accomplishment.
The blue sky appeared out of the white clouds over the peak of Mt. Bieidake. If we could see the clear landscape around the peak of Mt. Bieidake, we would be able to get the perspective of that highland.
Absolutely, it is so tough to live on such highland for a while without water and tent . Only the trekkers who reached to this area can savor the landscape.