The highest point of Mt. Fuppushi !

by  Kazu

These are the rest of the photos taken on top of Mt. Fuppushi !
The surface of Mt. Fuppushi was covered with the plants including birch and larch.
As it was so hot on the peak of Mt Fuppushi, some of the trekkers were too tired and almost experiencing heat stroke. I actually felt the pain on my thigh despite I took enough sport drink to obtain water and minerals.
My wife actually once gave up to reach the peak but I took her hand and brought her to the peak after checking how long it would take to reach the peak by myself..
I mean that I had reached the peak  and went back to my wife scared by the altitude and the steep hillside a little bit before the peak, and took her to the peak. I had to go to the peak twice from the point my wife was weeping and sitting.
The highest point of the mountain was shown with the stone pillar as below.

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