Niseko Goshiki Onsen ! Hot Spring Spa 2 !

by Kazu

If you know and like this hot spring bath called "Goshili Onsen" that means five-colored hot spring bath in Japanese, you are the man or woman who has something to swear by.  .
Sore-knees, ligament, joints as well as weary heart if you have, this "Onsen" has one of the best healing effect in Japan including Hokkaido. Yes, your favorite hot spring bath, Norm !
Even the air on the open-air bath was filled with minus ion to cure your body and heart. I could see the shining mist while soaking myself in this bath.
Again, it will take a little bit more to melt down the snow that covers the whole building near the pass but believe me, the season of flowers is coming step by step.

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