Paddy Field Art in Higashitakasu of Asahikawa 2016

by Tacky.

Do you remember the Paddy Field Art in Higashitakasu area of Asahikawa City?

Yes, it was posted on this site and introduced on June 16, 2016.

 These pictures were taken on July 7.
The rice crops planted at that time grew up and made up a picture appearing on the field.

It'll be the best time for savoring this Paddy Field Art.
Please see instructions of the picture about drawn animals.

But, the picture drawn with rice crops was too big to catch in one shot.
Please visit there and see the picture on site.

 It's possible to see Daisetsu-zan mountainous area far away from this place he wish from this place to Daxue Shan in a far place when it is fine and the view is clear.

Access to the site is posted at 
and please check it up!

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