The Way to Heaven !

by Tacky

It is said that one of the big draws of Hokkaido is called 'Great nature'.

There is a view point from where such Great nature can be seen and felt in Shari town.
Route 334 seems to be going straight on and on to the other side of the horizon and as if the road seems to be melting in the sky.

 Therefore, when you are driving a  car on this road, you may feel as if you are driving to the heaven,actually.
That is the reason why it is called "The Way to Heaven".
There are no traffic signs around this place. But a turret is established in this place.
It's also possible to see the magnificent landscape of the vast field, woods and Sea of Okhotsk from a turret other than this road.

The landscape makes you realize that you have come to Hokkaido surely!!



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